iPod Update

smashingThe trials and tribulations of Uncle E’s iPod and main computer continue. First, the good news: I got my computer back. If you recall the motherboard fizzled on me…twice. That was back in early December (could’ve been late November) and I just got it back on Friday. Hooked it up, plugged it in and everything seemed to be working splendidly. Started the process of pairing down my iTunes library so I could add some new stuff and when I completed this arduous task I gathered up all the new cd’s I needed to add and sat back down to download. I pushed the drive button to insert the disc and…nothing. Pushed it again…and again…and again. Still nothing.


After poking around a bit I discovered that somehow the cd and dvd drives have been obliterated from the computer.

F*#K F*#K F*#K!!!

So now I have to take the damn thing back to the dude that “fixed” it and find out what happened. Hopefully it’s an easy fix. At least I updated my iPod library (8,823 songs from over 12,000), which is a good thing.

I’ll keep you posted…