Oops, I Did It Again

Can’t remember exactly why I said it…but I said it.

“You’re so…AM.”

As in AM radio, or broadcasting radio signals using amplitude modulation for the purpose of brainwashing the masses with crappy music of the non- threatening and unchallenging variety.

“How DARE you!!” shouted my long suffering wife.

Yeah, it was a dumb and hurtful thing to say. Men are stupid and women are crazy and in this particular instance I was very stupid. She really doesn’t have bad taste in music but the truth of the matter is that our musical tastes have changed somewhat. Mine have continued to spiral into the rabbit hole of eclectisism while hers has regressed to delving into the back catalogues of some of her old favorites, like Van Morrison, U2, Steely Dan.  And there’s nothing wrong with that. I love Van Morrison and Steely Dan, and even though U2 hasn’t released a decent album since 1991 I can still appreciate their older stuff, but I just have a strong obsession to find that next, brand spanking new “special” release. Her patience for new albums has become almost non existant. That’s probably in large part due to the fact that we have two little children. I at least have the commute to and from work to discover new music while she is stuck playing Wiggles to placate our  4 year old.  

So I still hold out that I can get her back over to the Dark Side, but it may take a while. Any of you out there have a similar experience with your significant others? I’d love to know that I’m not alone…