New Order

New Order were a freakin’ great band.

newordermovementcover1I have been busy lately getting caught up on The New Order story. I used to own all of their albums in vinyl format but for some reason or another they slipped out of my sight for a time, save for the double disc “Substance”. For those of you who’ve been living on another planet New Order arose from the ashes of the highly influential doom rockers Joy Division. Nobody at the time thought that they could’ve survived without charismatic lead singer Ian Curtis much less become one of the most important and significant bands of the last 20 years, but they did.

I just finished, with the help of a very generous iTunes grant from my sister, getting my hands of the last of their much lauded remastered back catalogue. I bought Power Corruption & Lies (their best), then Technique (their Ibiza disco classic), Brotherhood and Low Life first and just finished with Movement which was their first record after Ian’s suicide (he’s famously remored to have hung himself on a block of ice–nonsense I’m sure, but it adds to the story don’t it?) and it sounds like Bernard Sumner is trying to channel the doomed singer. The album itself is great, but like most of these reissues it’s the bonus disc that really shines. Ceremony, Temptation, Everything’s Gone Green and Procession point to the direction New Order would take on subsequent releases and point to the future of underground rock/ dance crossover music.

While I was at it and since I had about $20 left on the old account I downloaded the first and only two proper and official Joy Division albums: Closer and Unknown Pleasures. If you have the time I would recommend you listen to these back to back with the first two New Order releases for one of the most stunning metamorphosis in the history of rock and roll. You’ll witness a group that, against all odds, arose from the ashes of a shattered band to become one of the most successful and influential bands of all time.