Monthly Archive: January, 2009

Not Guilty!

I posted some  of my musical guilty pleasures a little while ago and friend and author of the wonderful blog  Dispatches From The Away Dad Nation, said: “I guess it shows a lack… Continue reading

How Can Anyone Hate Jim Croce?

Bitter cartoonist/writer/music snob/politician/friend Philbert has a “thing” for Jim Croce. By “thing” I mean that he hates his guts. Croce’s songs make him retch onto his easel. It’s almost a phobia with Phil. For some… Continue reading

Merriweather Post Pavilian

Cool cover, eh? This is the newsest from avant-garde musos Animal Collective and if you believe all the recent hype it’s the BEST DAMN ALBUM…EVER!!! Critics have been drooling over it for weeks… Continue reading

A Perfect 10.0

How many perfect albums do you have in your collection? By perfect I mean every single song a winner, produced right and sequenced right. An album that you can listen to multiple times… Continue reading

Is It Still Cool If Your Kids Like ‘Em?

My folks hated my record collection when I was a kid. AC/DC, The Dead Kennedy’s, The Pistols, The Clash and many others scared the crap right out of their tightly wound puckers. As… Continue reading

The Fleshtones: “Are You Feeling Good, Say YEAH!”

Formed in 1976 in Queens, NY, The Fleshtones have outlived their CBGB contemporaries by a mile and are still putting out first rate garage rock, releasing one of the best albums of the… Continue reading

Nick Lowe Interview

In anticipation of the release of the reissue of “Labour Of Lust” here’s an old interview of Mr. Jesus Of Cool himself, Nick Lowe… “I never liked any of that punk rock music.… Continue reading

iPod Update

The trials and tribulations of Uncle E’s iPod and main computer continue. First, the good news: I got my computer back. If you recall the motherboard fizzled on me…twice. That was back in… Continue reading

Talk Talk: Spirit Of Eden

Talk Talk Spirit Of Eden Release Date: 1988 Track Listing: The Rainbow (9:05)/ Eden (6:37)/ Desire (7:08)/ Inheritance (5:19)/ I Believe In You (6:08)/ Wealth (6:35) It’s like nothing else in the Talk… Continue reading

The Kinks In The 70’s

The Kinks were one of the most innovative bands of the British invasion era, but were (and still are) overlooked in almost every way, especially their songwriting abilities and influence on the future… Continue reading