Spinal Tap VS The Ruttles

There’s been some debate of late as to what the funniest movie about music is in E’s household. I waffle back and forth between Spinal Tap and The Ruttles. My wife likes A Mighty Wind and a friend of mine is adamant that Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story will someday top them all.

The one thing all of these comedies have in common is a respect for the music they poke fun of. These films and the people that make them have done their homework on their respective subjects AND IT SHOWS.

The Ruttles takes aim at the holiest of all bands, The Beatles, and Neil Innis and Co. nail the musical bits, especially from the group’s psychedelic phase.  Pulling this one off not only took some massive balls but also some musical chops as well. It has all the sillyness of Monty Python and the frayed but mannered stylings of a BBC documentary. George Harrison’s cameo as a reporter is excellent, something I missed the first few times…

Spinal Tap takes aim at the genre of heavy metal in an uncompromising but sympathetic way, and for all out bust-yer-gut laughing spasms this film will never be bettered. Christopher Guest, Michael McKean and Harry Shearer are perfect as past their prime rock stars trying to come to grips with a dwindling fan base. After their lead guitarist leaves the boys embark on a “jazz odyssey” which just has to be seen to be believed.

A Mighty Wind, made by many of the fine folks who created Spinal Tap, targets the early 60’s folk scene and revolves around a PBS style reunion show.  Fred Willard should have been given some kind of special award at the Oscar’s this year for his role as the clueless promoter. He steals the show which is no small task with the talent surrounding him in this one.

Walk Hard is a parody of the cliche-ridden music bio pics that have plagued Hollywood the last few years and it hits it’s mark more times than not due to the formidable talents of John C. Reilly in the title role of Dewey Cox. 

Here’s a clip from each movie. You be the judge.

First, The RUTTLES!

Next up, SPINAL TAP!