Stupid Band Names

An updated post from the past dedicated to the readers responses which, if I’m to be honest here, were far funnier than my own.

Phil Fountain said:

“The Baloney Ponies
Charles Haltry & The Deaf Aids*
Quiet Cookie Loudermilk
Delores Polaris & Her Giant Pores
Hog Nasal Memory
Jim Croce’s Stash
Croce Tiger & The Flying Daggers
The Croce Croce Coos
The Mail Members
The Dinky Tadgers
The Yankee Pudsters
They Might Be Gnats
The Wheezing Tweezers
The Approaching Croces
The Bukkake Jockeys
Harry Nipples & The Vulvas
Eric Kyle Dysfunction & The Deadwoods
The Toxic Boxers
Jim Croce’s Capo
Hitler’s Titties
Pug Nacious & The 415s
Little Jimmy Croce & The Paste Eaters
Vampire Sucker & Down For The Count
The Shaved Palms
Bernie & The Hernias
T. Leary & Acid Reflux
Ducks For Elvis
Ducks For Doorways
Ducks Dig The Long Ball
Ducks Croce

That’s enough
*From “Get Back” “Charles Haltry & The Deaf Aids, in which Doris Gets Her Oats.”

Rob said:

“Hitler’s Toilet
Brothers in Scrotal Ticks
Pregnant Honking Nuns
Tasty Christian Bitches
Old Man Toenails
Spoon the Tumor
Crotchless Maternity Thongs
It Came Out Clumped
Your Mom’s Cameltoe
Shaved Granny Groins”

Rumproast said: “How about: “The Outskirts Of Milton Is Considered RURAL Canada?” I find this partcularly humourous.

I also agree that “Hittler’s Titties” is brilliant. “Your Mom’s Cameltoe”, while fairly repugnant to consider,is pretty good, as well.”

The ever scatalogical Thom G said:

“Cock Ring Circus
Shit Missile
The Scrotum (putting ‘The” in front of it makes it cool).
Fresh Babies
Douchbag and the Not So Fresh
The Squirting Hymens
Butt Plug Weasels”