Guilty Pleasures

Guilty pleasures. We all have ‘em. Albums that we listen to that may veer far away from what we know to be “good” music. Those cd’s that we keep hidden under the seats of our cars and only listen to when we’re sure no one else is within earshot. Like some tacky porn mag we’re horrified that somebody will discover under our bed, musical guilty pleasures are something no self respecting music snob is willing to admit to owning.

But we do.

We own LOTS of them! And we probably listen to them more than we would like to admit. Are Hall and Oats, STYX, and Creed on constant rotation in your car stereo? How about the Counting Crows, Def Leppard and America. Do they have their own “special” place on your ipod, perhaps it’s own play list folder entitled ‘TOP SECRET‘?

Admitting that you have this affliction is half the battle. There can be no growth without full disclosure, people. Admit it, roll in it, be PROUD of it and feel the shame just wash away. I’ll be the first to offer my personal list for you to sneer and thumb your nose at. Have at it, brothers and sisters. I can take it!

#1. The Car Wash OST, by Rose Royce. Sure, the movie was awful but Rose Royce, with the help of producer/ arranger/ master songwriter Norman Whitfield (of Papa Was A Rolling Stone, fame), made some funky-ass music that, for the most part, still holds up today!

#2. Anything by Queen. Except ‘Jesus’ from their first album. That just may be the worst song in the history of recorded music!

#3. Supertramp, Breakfast In America. Sappy, insipid stuff, I know I know. But the music itself ended up being pretty influential. Try to listen to the great Moon Safari from AIR and not hear the homage to the ‘Tramp!

#4. T-REX. Sure Marc Bolan was a pretentious twat-gnome with a penchant for unicorns and rainbows, but some of his stuff was pretty cool!

#5. Kula Shaker, K. You probably do not know them, but I used to listen to this album a lot! The son of British actress Hayley Mills, Crispin Mills and co. specialized in making unabashed 60’s psychedelia based around mysticism and eastern spirituality. Sound like a pretentious stew not fit for your dog? To most people it is, but to me it’s just plain fun!

OK, that’s all I’m willing to admit for now. I feel better already.