Monthly Archive: February, 2008

Bogus Band Bio: Supertramp

The Supertramp Story Did Dougie Thompson Ever Get Laid? Rick Davies was on the dole on that fateful, dreary November day back in 1969 when he happened to stumble into Roger Hodgeson at… Continue reading

Bogus Band Bio: E.L.O.

The Jeff Lynne Story  “Veeble festeraahht bloot. Wamp blatt borfft, bizzt Chakunkding: CRUGAZUNCH! Faroolana Frugga dugga dugga Gashklitz jugarumm. Baraam spa da blunkum, kitoon splukaw gazoont blam blam. Paff toong et shnorkle zzzzt… Continue reading

Bogus Band Bio: STYX

Blue Collar Men The name, STYX, derived from a river from Greek mythology that cuts through the very bowels of the underworld, set the stage. One syllable, 4 letters, and it contains an… Continue reading

Bogus Band Bio: Journey, parts I,II,III,IV, V & VI

“Who’s Cryin’ Now” Chapter I  As Steve Perry stumbled out of the Tijuana brothel, a small boy wearing a “San Diego Padres” baseball cap approached him and tugged on his pant leg. “Cheeklets,… Continue reading

A New Blog!

Hi, everyone! This second blog will be used as a means for me to get all of the crazy ‘fiction’ stuff out of head and onto the world wide web. This will probably… Continue reading